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Jun 06 2017

Essential Prepping Skills How To Find North Using A Watch

man finding north south by using a watch

Essential Prepping SkillsHow To Find North Using A Watch This is an essential skill that all preppers should know – do you? Walking around in a great big circle is one of the easiest things to do when your lost.!Without a compass it’s amazingly easy to find yourself back at the place your started and incredibly demoralising …

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Sep 09 2015

How To Use A Compass For Land Navigation

How To Use A Compass For Land Navigation You would be amazed at the number of hikers and bushcrafters who get lost, even though they have gone prepared with a compass in their pack! Most of the time they get lost simply because they think they know where they are going. Maybe they have been …

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Sep 06 2015

Fire By Compression Using The Fire Piston

fire piston

The Fire Piston As An Instant Fire Starter Compact, Light & Easy To Use Being able to make a fire is an essential requirement in a survival situation. Fire is nature’s TV, gives you warm, wards off animals and insects, gives you a means to cook and sterilise your water for drinking as well as …

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