Category: October 2016

Oct 31 2016

Ultimate Shelter The Tree Tent Hammock

Ultimate ShelterThe Tree Tent HammockFor a while now I have been trying to take a new bit of kit out with me and see how how easy it is to setup – at last I have had the chance, during a three day hike I planned to stop at woodlands that would be the perfect …

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Oct 25 2016

Wood Burning Cook Stove Solo Stove Lite and Pot 900

Test & ReviewSolo Stove Lite & 900ml Cook Pot There are so many cooking systems to choose from these days, and the choice of fuel source is slowly increasing, but do you really need to have a stove that needs you to carry additional fuel..?In a hurry: Skip straight to video review here: orSkip straight to …

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Oct 10 2016

Drones Quadcopters and Prepping

Want To Really Know Whats Going OnDrones, Quadcopters and PreppingFor Survival When The SHTF In this article I want to cover the specific uses a drone could have for us preppers if we find ourselves in the mist of a SHTF situation.I use the title “Drones, Quadcopters and Preppers” because I want to be specific …

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