Category: November 2015

Revive H2O Portable Water Filter Bottle Review

revive H2O water filter bottle

Safe Drinking Water From The Revive H2O Portable Water Filter Bottle Under 2p Per Litre For Safe, Clean Drinking Water- a water filter bottle is a must for any prepper – Today I’m reviewing a new water filter bottle that has just come onto the prepping market and, as usual in my reviews I will …

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Extreme Cold Survival

Extreme Cold Survival Hypothermia is a medical condition diagnosed when your core body temperature drops below what is required for normal functions and metabolism. Typically, a drop of three degrees in your core temperature means you have hypothermia.On average, normal body temperatures are between 36.5 and 37.5ᵒC (98-100ᵒF). You do not have to be exposed …

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Self Defence For Preppers | Guest Post

Martial Arts, Self Defence And Combat Sports For The PrepperGuest Post: By Rich Steggles Before I get started on this article, I just want to make it perfectly clear that I have absolutely no affiliations with any organisations or disciplines, if you train already in a martial art or combat sport and you enjoy it …

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Preparing For Winter And Bad Weather

car in winter

Preparing For Winter And Bad WeatherAre You Ready For A Cold Winter?If the recent winter weather predictions pan out, we are in for a VERY COLD winter. The Met office is warning that the recent bad weather is a big indicator of what’s to come and could very easily be the start of one of …

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Bug Out In Cold Weather

How To Bug Out In Cold Weather Bugging Out in cold weather is a whole new ballgame… There could easily come a time when the SHTF and you are put in a situation where you have to evacuate on foot and carry your emergency essentials with you.Bugging-out typically means you are leaving a potentially dangerous …

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Prepping Home Defence Plan For UK Preppers

Prepping Home Defence Plan For UK PreppersAs a UK Prepper you must have a solid Home Defence Plan Even the most uneducated person can see the sense in having insurance for an unknown situation. Everyone knows how important it is to try and plan for events that could effect your family and your way of …

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