Category: February 2016

Feb 05 2016

Over The Counter Essential Preppers Medicines

Over The Counter Essential Preppers Medicines In a SHTF situation my first response would be to ram raid the nearest chemists…! Without some of the simplest medication in your stockpile you are reducing your chances of survival by a huge amount.So ask yourself: is it really worth stockpiling over-the-counter (OTC) drugs?My answer to that is …

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Feb 04 2016

Emergency Power Generator For Preppers

​Best Emergency Power Generator For PreppersEverything in prepping is about making your life easier when the SHTF.Although there are other forms of emergency power to tap into, it’s worth considering an emergency power generator as well. Because, if the grid were to go down, you’re going to need power straight away, especially in your home. …

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