Category: June 2016

Jun 20 2016

Top 5 Herbal Plants For Survival

foraging for plant for prepping

Top 5 Herbal Plants For SurvivalGuest Article by: Gary Johnston Every prepper should have a knowledge of foraging in a SHTF situation – here are the Top 5 Herbal Plants For Survival that are both common and abundant that you can use to help if traditional medicine is hard to come by.There are many plants in …

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Jun 03 2016

Simple Safe Water Purification

water filtration fro survival

Simple Safe Water Purification Methods For Preppers Water is life – simple as that really. Unless your super human, lasting much more than three days without water spells death, and a quite unpleasant one at that. So what is one of the best and easiest ways to achieve Safe Water Purification? ​ There are plenty of …

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