Nov 09 2015

Preparing For Winter And Bad Weather

Preparing For Winter And Bad Weather

Are You Ready For A Cold Winter?

If the recent winter weather predictions pan out, we are in for a VERY COLD winter.

The Met office is warning that the recent bad weather is a big indicator of what's to come and could very easily be the start of one of the biggest and most powerful "El Nino" phenomenon since the last mini ice age we experienced in 1950.!

The "El Nino" phenomenon caused a massive snowy winter just six years ago when the temperatures in the Eastern Pacific increased.

This temperature increase has a huge knock on effect which effect temperature around the globe.  

Winter 2009-10 saw the coldest winter in decades

This is a great video explanation of this El Nino

  • Recent weather indicators seen throughout the UK and particularly at the start of this November could be an indicator of a very severe winter to come.
  • We could well be looking at the same conditions that were seen back in January of 2009/2010 - which was the coldest winter month in many decades.
  • The "El Nino" phenomenon was the reason behind such a harsh winter.
  • The ocean temperatures rise in the Eastern Pacific which has a major effect on global weather conditions which will hit the UK with plummeting temperatures and snow.

There you have it fellow preppers - Baton down the hatches and start Preparing For Winter And Bad Weather

This could be the first real chance to put into practice our prepping skills folks

Now I'm not saying 'panic'. But this could be a potentially serious situation that has a very high certainty of happening here in the UK this winter.

So to avoid the panic - get yourself prepared and ready, well before any bad weather sets in.

When bad weather hits its essential to be ready for it well before, don't wait for it to happen.

Make sure you know well in advance - check the weather reports and check long term reports as well.

Make a plan - consider your personal circumstances and react accordingly -

  • Personal plan for yourself
  • Family plan - for all family members
  • Work based plan
  • Travel plan
  • Contingency plan

A weather forecast like this is bad news.

This is a serious warning from people in the know - don't ignore it.
Don't get caught out - get prepared first.

Happy Prepping Folks.


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