Sep 25 2015

Best Survival Knife Guide For Prepping and Survival

Best Survival Knife Guide For Prepping And Survival

Everyone has their own preference for a survival knife but when the SHTF your going to need a quality knife that will cope with all survival situations.
Choosing the Best Survival Knife for Doomsday Preparedness is very important to ensuring your survival, and no more so than having a knife that suits you and a knife that you feel comfortable with.

It's a very personal choice.

To be honest, just about any knife is a good knife in a survival situation – but some a far better than others –

As always, it’s better to be fully prepared and have a good knife that you’re familiar with handling and feels just right for you..

Without doubt choosing the best survival knife will come down to how much you really want to spend on one.

tom brown tracker knife in sheath

Some knife manufacturers charge upwards of £300 for a hand built knife that is guaranteed to last and be able to withstand all survival situations, but there’s precious few preppers who would spend that kind of money when their £300 could go on several other pieces of essential equipment.

 I think you have to be a serious Bushcrafter to consider spending that amount of money on one knife, however you are getting something a bit special and quite unique.

They are a work of art, even the sheaths are superb..!

But, if you are really interested in bushcraft, and all the skills that are associated with it then a hand made, unique knife is often what you would choose - these beautiful knives above are made by master knife-smith, Ben Orford and range from around £250 up to £450

However, from a prepping and survival point of view - any knife is a good knife in a survival situation!

What's the secret of a good survival knife?

As any prepper will tell you - the survival knife is one of the most the essential tools in their survival kit, and as such, must be much more than just a ‘knife to cut things with’.

Steve Hart UK Preppers Guide
  • A survival knife must be good enough, strong enough and sharp enough to manage all the basic survival tasks that include hunting, combat, cutting, chopping, bush-craft and much, much more.
  • A good quality survival knife can easily be a life saver that enables you to accomplish all the basic requirements of survival outdoors.
  • Your knife must be capable of enabling you to create a comfortable shelter and to start a fire, to hunt for and prepare your food, it must also be capable of clearing pathways and for digging, as well as giving personal protection if required.
  • Choosing your knife will depend on several factors, some of these are more important than others, so I suggest a quick look at my guide to choosing a survival knife for more information and tips.
ray best survival knife guidemears mora knife

There are many choices of survival knives, that offer various qualities.

Currently, with the popularity of the Ray Mears bushcraft series on the TV it’s possible to see how a knife can be used effectively – Ray uses a Mora knife for most bushcraft work

Mora knives are high quality and very competitively priced - here's a full list of their range, via Amazon  Mora Knives and Cutting Tools

The Basic Essentials Of A Good Survival Knife

Modern manufacturing methods and technology means that you can have a good quality knife that will do a lot of survival jobs for a relatively low price   – but there’s a few things to consider when buying one –

  • A folding knife is far more liable to break due to the folding action - so avoid them.
  • The knife must fit you size of hand – if the handle is to thick or too thin you will loose grip
  • A fixed blade knife is better for levering and chopping and most other survival skills.
  • Always choose a ‘3/4′ or ‘full tang’ knife’, where the blade runs through into the handle
  • Any knife needs to be 'looked after' and will lose its edge eventually, so be prepared to sharpen or even reset the cutting edge at some point.

Resist the temptation to buy a really large bushcraft / survival / hunting knife.

You may think you look a real cool dude, but, c'mon, is it really necessary?

If you want a big blade then buy an axe or a machete, that will do the job better than some huge Rambo styled knife..

 And, never try an 'beef up' you knife.
It is what it is - if you want a different knife, then buy another one that suits your needs.

If you are looking for a large bladed knife, somewhere sized between a survival knife and an axe, I would personally recommend a knife that has been designed by expert prepper, Tom Linden.
It is a very heavy duty knife, pretty much indestructible and designed for preppers in mind.

With a 7" blade that's 2" wide and razor sharp it's one mean machine!

As a rule, you choose your knife depending on the job you want it to do.

For intricate carving and fine work, go with a smaller blade that's easy to manipulate and is light and easy in the hand.

If your intention is to be making survival shelters or more heavier woodwork, then a larger, more solid blade is required with a thicker blade section that will take batoning and a bit of abuse.

Let the job dictate the knife and don't make things difficult for yourself by using the wrong knife for the job.

For more information, I have a previous article that shows all the things you need to know and what to watch out for -   'How To Choose  A Survival Knife'

Choosing your blade shape is also an important factor when selecting the best survival knife.

Knives and Young People

If you are looking to introduce knives to young people and children then I highly recommend the Hultafors SK safety knife.

This knife is ideal for learning the basic of knife handling and wood carving. With a rounded nose it reduces the stab risk considerably whilst letting you concentrate on working the blade.

I particularly like this knife over the traditional Mora that a lot of people use, because it has some good safety features for the beginner, namely:.

  • Bright coloured handle for easy location
  • Small blade for ease of working
  • Prominent finger guard for protection
  • Rounded nose to reduce stab potential

Below is a guide to some good Prepper Survival knives
at reasonably affordable prices




Blade Thickness

5 mm

Blade Length

85 mm

Overall Length

195 mm


146 g

Blade Material

Stainless steel




Blade Thickness

3.1 mm

Blade Length

150 mm

Overall Length

275 mm


205 g

Blade Material

Stainless Steel




Blade Thickness

- mm

Blade Length

235 mm

Overall Length

381 mm


- g

Blade Material





Blade Thickness

2 mm

Blade Length

91 mm

Overall Length

206 mm


110 g

Blade Material

Stainless steel

All the survival knives that I have listed above are very good quality and will do the job well, so it just boils down to a matter of personal preference really.

– as always though – no prepper relies on just one survival knife…. – I can’t make this point enough, always carry at least two survival knives that suit you and work best for you.

As well as your main survival knife, it's advisable to carry a multi tool as well - they will get you out of a multitude of situations:
See: Best Swiss Army Knife Guide

These are a few of my  personal collection of favourite knives - I have had two of these knives over 25 years!!
these particular ones, I use a lot...

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Hopefully, this Best Survival Knife Guide has helped you in your choice for a survival knife that suits you and becomes an essential part of you survival kit.


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