My Prepping Plan

Guest Article:   My Prepping Plan, by Fango keep-calm-and-make-a-plan-2

As with most preppers here in the UK, I struggle to build up my supplies and prepping equipment. With the recession only just starting to fade it's been a very difficult few years to even survive the day to day running of my home and family, let alone splash out on prepping supplies.

Never the less I have made progress. Slow, but progress after all.

That's what prepping is all about. Having a plan and trying your best to stick to it as you beaver away with your normal life. There's got to be a balance - both a lifestyle balance and a financial one in order to keep your sanity .!!

I started my prepping plan a couple of years ago and have generally kept on track ever since. This is what I did -

My Prepping Plan

  • Researched the more likely disaster scenarios that may occur
  • Sat down and prioritized the important things - my needs and wants
  • Prioritized my families needs and wants
  • Put a cost to the items we considered we needed in order or priority
  • Worked out how to spread that cost evenly giving higher amounts to higher priority items 

I also based, pretty much everything, on the fact that I would be bugging in and not leaving my home unless a situation was life threatening.

Important factors

for sale signOne of the reasons I have been quite successful in keeping to my plan is that I am always on the lookout for bargains, sales, special offers and anything that can get the cost down or possibly offer me more for my money - this is the one good thing thing that has come out of this recession - that fact that many items have got cheaper and the big stores have had to reduce prices to lure customers in.

 There are also many other people selling their unwanted goods to make a bit extra money. All this has been and still is, very good tactics for us preppers.



Prepping Plan Essentials

  1. My home is the #1 priority to prepare - I have worked on making it quite secure enough to defend if necessary. My storage is secure and out of sight and I have provisions to survive in harsh conditions without electricity.
  2. Water & Food storage are my next high priority items - building up a nice backup supply of essential foods
  3. Medication & Hygiene - I have a fully equipped first aid kit as well as enough essential medication for those family members that need it, for about 6 months. 
  4. Backup cooking facilities - I just keep to the basics - an area in my back garden where I have an open fire and a make shift brick built oven.
  5. Self defense - I have an amount of legal weapons that are used for hunting and self defense if needed.
  6. Bugging Out - Although I fully intend to hunker down, I still have a fully equipped bug out bag ready to go in an extreme emergency situation.

So that's my prepping plan in a nutshell. Straightforward and simple as I can make it - I know it can be improved on, but any prepper will tell you how much time and effort and money it takes to be fully prepared.