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What Is The UK Knife Law
update March 2017

Owning and carrying a knife in Britain has always been an area that preppers need be fully aware of but, do you know what the UK Knife Law actually is?

​If you were to go out carrying a knife, would you know if your breaking the law or not?

Could you be stopped by the police, and what are you legal rights?

British knife laws are among the very strictest in the world

and quite rightly so –

We all want to be able to move around without the fear of some lunatic wandering around with knives hidden on them.

Statistics have shown that a zero tolerance to anyone carrying weapons saves lives.

I, for one, am quite happy to be stopped and searched for a weapon at any time.

I own knives that I use for various jobs as well as specific hunting and bushcraft knives, along with many other UK Preppers.

 But, it’s up to you to comply with the UK Knife Laws and just be sensible.

policeman stopping and search

Personally, I always carry a folding pocket knife with me.  It's part of my job during the week and I tend keep it with me at weekends too.
Quite simply:  I carry a folding pocket knife with me because the law says I can, and that is the only answer I have ever given when asked why I have a knife on me.

We all know just about anything can be classed as an offensive, dangerous weapon if used in that manner​.  But I tend to think of my pocket knife as more of a tool:  used for all sorts of jobs at home and at work.

The UK knife laws were updated March, 2017
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  • You must be able to comply with the above information
    • If there is any reason for a police officer to suspect you may be carrying a weapon he/she has the legal right to stop and search you, right there and then – no ifs or buts – if you have nothing to hide and are within the laws stated above you are perfectly legal.
stop and search
What weapons are legal to buy and own in the UK?

​There are quite a variety of weapons that anyone can buy and own.
Most preppers will have several decent hunting and bushcraft knives, as well as an axe or machete.
But most preppers will be only using them to hone their prepping skills, having selected their survival knives specifically for that purpose. 

Steve Hart UK Prepper

To be honest, most of this is common sense,  You simply do not go around flashing a knife about willy-nilly.

In fact the only knife you can carry is a folding pocket knife.  Even that has restrictions on it.​

The problem is:
Most law abiding citizens abide by the law, and if you do need to have a knife with you, it conforms to what the laws say you can legally carry.​ But a criminal wont abide by any law....

Checkout the article here and see what knives are available to legally carry in the UK:

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