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Revive H2O Portable Water Filter Bottle Review

revive H2O water filter bottle

Safe Drinking Water From The Revive H2O Portable Water Filter Bottle Under 2p Per Litre For Safe, Clean Drinking Water- a water filter bottle is a must for any prepper – Today I’m reviewing a new water filter bottle that has just come onto the prepping market and, as usual in my reviews I will …

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Extreme Cold Survival

Extreme Cold Survival Hypothermia is a medical condition diagnosed when your core body temperature drops below what is required for normal functions and metabolism. Typically, a drop of three degrees in your core temperature means you have hypothermia.On average, normal body temperatures are between 36.5 and 37.5ᵒC (98-100ᵒF). You do not have to be exposed …

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Bug Out In Cold Weather

How To Bug Out In Cold Weather Bugging Out in cold weather is a whole new ballgame… There could easily come a time when the SHTF and you are put in a situation where you have to evacuate on foot and carry your emergency essentials with you.Bugging-out typically means you are leaving a potentially dangerous …

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Can You Eat Insects In The UK

Can You Eat Insects In The UK – Ants, Slugs and Snails Is It Possible To Survive By Eating Insects From The UK? ​Wherever you live there will be insects and most of them are definitely edible insects.When we talk about edible insects in the UK, we have to make a bit of a distinction between …

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Fire By Compression Using The Fire Piston

fire piston

The Fire Piston As An Instant Fire Starter Compact, Light & Easy To Use Being able to make a fire is an essential requirement in a survival situation. Fire is nature’s TV, gives you warm, wards off animals and insects, gives you a means to cook and sterilise your water for drinking as well as …

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Top 10 Survival Films and DVD’s

Top 10 Survival Films & DVD’s    Survival DVD’s are a great way to get yourself all fired up for a weekend of prepping and bushcraft.  They get you in that frame of mind to do things and either catch up on old skills or just go out and be that little bit more daring and take on …

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What is the Best Fish Filleting Knife for survival

best fish filleting knife

 What is the Best Fish Filleting Knife for survival  It is essential to know how to prepare your fish once you have caught it, however, one of the most important tools that will make this job easier is your knife. But, what is the best fish filleting knife and why.   It goes without saying …

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Best fire starter for bushcraft and survival

bushcraft essential fire piston

There are several different methods for starting a fire in the wild – but with the absence of a naked flame, what is the best fire starter for bushcraft and survival. There has always been a few tried and tested fire starting methods that have been passed down through the ages – most will result in …

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Best Camping and Hiking Hammock

lawson hammock system

What is the best all round camping and hiking hammock for preppers? Setting up a tent has always presented problems when theres uneven or rough ground – no matter how good you clear the area, there will always be a lump or a stone left below, just waiting to aggravate you all night. Then there’s …

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how to survive in the wild

lake district hills

It is essential to learn basic skills and know how to survive in the wild The UK has some fantastic areas of natural beauty and unspoilt open spaces, with thousands of acres of wilderness to ‘get lost’ in. From the Cairngorm hills and mountains of Scotland, right down to harsh and exposed Dartmoor and Exmoor – …

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Bushbox Outdoor Pocket Micro Stove EDC Box Review

edc stove on rucksack

Bushbox Outdoor Pocket Micro Stove EDC Box Review Possibly one of the smallest micro stoves in the world..! This is my review of the Bushbox Outdoor Pocket Micro Stove EDC Box – sometimes this size of cooking stove is referred to as either a micro stove, and EDC stove or a hobo cook stove, in effect they are …

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Best Value For Money Hunting Crossbow UK

hunting crossbow uk

Best Value For Money Hunting Crossbow UK This is the Virginia 150lb Hunting Crossbow and is fully suitable for hunting large and small game and represents one of the best value for money hunting crossbows in the UK today. It has all the feature you want and certainly packs a punch. The 150lb draw weight …

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