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Survival Fishing Kit for UK Preppers

fish cooking over fire

Survival Fishing Kit For UK Preppers When you consider that the UK is an island surrounded by water with many inland rivers and ponds, it makes sense to carry a survival fishing kit as you’ll never be too far away from some water and therefore some fish.In a survival situation or if you decide to …

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Binoculars For Hunting And Survival

hunting with binoculars

Categories: The Importance Of Binoculars For Hunting And Survival Hunting and survival has been a traditional, natural activity that dates back at least 1500-2000 years in the United Kingdom and most parts of the world. It is an important part of who we are as human beings. The use of binoculars appeared as early as …

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Simple Safe Water Purification

glass of sea water

Simple Safe Water Purification Methods For Preppers Water is life – simple as that really. Unless your super human, lasting much more than three days without water spells death, and a quite unpleasant one at that. So what is one of the best and easiest ways to achieve Safe Water Purification? ​ There are plenty of …

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BowHunting For Food and Survival

bowhunting for preppers

Do Preppers Need To Learn BowHunting For Food and Survival Without a doubt, owning a decent bow and being proficient enough to hit your given target successfully, is a very necessary skill, and something to add to your skillset as a prepper. Being proficient enough to hunt for your food with a bow will give you …

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Air Rifle For SHTF And Hunting For Food

You can’t go far wrong when using an Air Rifle For SHTF and Hunting For Food As preppers we all know the importance of food procurement. Your stored food supplies will not last for ever, and considering there’s not too many people who have huge food stashes, you definitely need to consider other ways of getting food …

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How To Go Wild Camping In The UK

How To Go Wild Camping In The UKTake nothing but pictures, Leave nothing but footprints, Kill nothing but time. Aaahhh, the great outdoors. You can’t beat it. Old or young, camping is both mentally and physically uplifting for all members of the family. Pitching your family tent on a deluxe camp site with hot showers …

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Best Camping Stove For Your Bug Out Bag

the jetboil flash cooking stove test and review

Best Camping Stove For Your Bug Out Bag It’s not often I can make a claim for a product, but I have to admit if you’re looking for the Best Camping Stove For Your Bug Out Bag, then it’s well worth considering the JetBoil system. I have only just treated myself to the JetBoil system …

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Best Survival Weapons for Self Defence

baseball club with nails

The Best Survival Weapons for Self DefenceA guest article by: Monica Rivers Prepping and survival have become hot topics amongst most Westerners during the last few years. For whatever reason, we have a genuine fascination with what might happen if the Electrical Grid goes down. Today, we’re going to take a look at some of …

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Lock Knife | Locking Knives For Survival And Prepping

pocket folding lock knife on belt clip

Lock Knife Locking Knives For Survival And Bushcraft Firstly, lock knives are legal to own, however, it is illegal to carry a lock knife in public, without a very good reason to do so.more info this article:UK knife law It is not exclusively knives that can be locked either:This is my Leatherman Wave, a multi-tool which has a …

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Useful Survival Methods

Useful Survival Methods Why is it that some people are able to survive a life threatening situation and other become a complete mess and ultimately die?What is it that differentiates the ‘men’ from the ‘boys’ and gives you that fighting chance of surviving.This article is a very basic outline of useful survival methods that anyone can …

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Surviving winter if you are stranded in you car

Surviving winter if you are stranded in you car What would you do if you found yourself stranded.?  Being stranded in your car in nice weather is bad enough, but getting stranded in ice and snow and surviving winter weather is something you must be prepared for.As preppers we all prepare for natural disasters of …

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Silent Hunting With A Catapult In The UK

The Catapult Is The Perfect Tool For The Job Every prepper knows the importance of having back up plans.They are essential to ensure you can complete any task needed to enable you to survive, this also applies to equipment as well, so owning a hunting catapult makes this weapon an essential prepping tool.Being able to …

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