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Prepper Burnout and Fatigue

Do You Suffer From Prepper Burnout and Fatigue ? Overthinking & Overplanning your prepping plan is the most common reason for Prepper Burnout and Fatigue ​Why do we all prep? The reasons may differ, but the basic concept is universally the same – we are prepping in case something disastrous happens. We prep to be ready. …

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Top 5 Doomsday Scenarios

Top 5 Doomsday Scenarios Are You Really Prepared For A Doomsday Apocalypse.?  The whole idea of a doomsday apocalypse is nothing new – throughout history there have always been a threat looming just over the horizon that will wipe out mankind. Every part of history has had its own ‘Doomsday Ideas’ that were supposed to …

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Top 10 Prepping Mistakes

What are the Top 10 Prepping Mistakes every Prepper makes? Don’t fall into these basic Prepping errors  There is literally thousands of pages of information about prepping on the internet today. This makes joining the prepping community easier than ever. If your a newbie prepper it is very easy to fall into an information overload trap …

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Prepping For Financial Collapse

stock going down

 Prepping For Financial Collapse  Following on from my article on ‘Preppernomics’, I will share with you what steps I took, over a five year period to prepare for a UK economic collapse. I took a long deep look at what expenses and luxuries drained my monthly pay check the most, and then worked down the …

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How To Survive an UK Economic Collapse

pile of £20 notes

How To Survive an UK Economic Collapse Is it really possible to prepare and survive a UK economic collapse?  You can get yourself ready and prepared to weather through this economic disaster We call it Preppernomics.  I’m not a doom and gloom merchant, but the writings been on the wall for some time now and there’s no …

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Prepping Bookshop


Prepping Bookshop    We have put together a bookshop of Prepping books. These books cover all forms of survival, divided up into the various survival categories. In a disaster scenario, you may well have not access to technology and that means the internet… An awful lot of people depend on the internet for there most basic …

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Tick Tock Doomsday Clock Advances

domsday clock set at three minutes to mudnight

Tick Tock The Doomsday Clock Advances   Barely one month into 2015 and we have now entered into the most critical stage of our earth’s life – ever..   For anyone who is even vaguely interested in the global events that have been happening over the last year, you cannot be anything other than concerned …

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Big Prepping Year Ahead

UK Prepping Resolutions

Big Prepping Year Ahead Happy New Year Fellow Preppers.  Each new year brings some fresh challenges to us preppers. Not least is planning out the year ahead and how to make the most of our available time. There’s survival and bushcraft shows to go to. There’s bug out practice and kit bag improvements to be …

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Top 10 Prepping E Books

Top 10 Prepping E Books E-Books, and especially E Books for the Kindle reader are the number one, modern way to collect and read books. There are literally millions of books on the E Book format now and all ready for download. One of the good spin offs from the conventional hardback cover book that takes up hundreds of pages and …

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UK Prepping Facts

fact tattoo on fist

UK Prepping Facts Today I want to share some prepping facts with you. Nothing too fancy, just some simple figures to give you an idea of the way prepping is going in the UK today. As you may well know, the UK Preppers Guide website has been up and running for just over two years …

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Top 10 Survival Films and DVD’s

Top 10 Survival Films & DVD’s    Survival DVD’s are a great way to get yourself all fired up for a weekend of prepping and bushcraft.  They get you in that frame of mind to do things and either catch up on old skills or just go out and be that little bit more daring and take on …

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What’s the use of prepping?

police rule riot picture

What’s the use of prepping? If I’ve heard it once I’ve heard it a thousand times – “what’s the use of prepping?” Well, in the old days I used to try and convince people that it’s a good idea and they should prep for the unknown. But like anyone who is ignorant of a subject, …

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