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Best Survival And Bushcraft Reference Book For Preppers | The SAS Handbook

SA soldier face in camo

Best Survival And BushcraftReference Book For Preppers​The SAS Survival Guide by John ‘Lofty’ Wiseman is one of those books that requires very little introduction. In fact just about everyone I know who is involved with prepping, survival or bushcraft will know the name.In this review I will cover why I think that every prepper should …

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Best Survival Tin For Preppers What’s In Your kit

Best Survival Tin For Preppers  What’s In Your Tin? The good old fashioned survival tin is an often overlooked piece of prepping kit. The reason:  it’s not straight forward and requires a bit of thinking and bushcraft skill to make it work for you.But what is actually involved with making yourself the Best Survival Tin …

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Essential Survival Gear Supplies | From WildBounds

Essential Prepping, Bugout And Survival GearLATEST NEWS:​UK Preppers Guide have teamed up with outdoors survival equipment suppliers WIldBounds who offer quality survival gear, and are base here in the UK.WildBounds are slowly building their list of equipment based on offering only top notch gear that is tried and tested to be suitable for the job.Their …

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SAS Tactical Survival Bow For Hunting Survival And Bugout Bag

SAS Tactical Survival Bowby Survival Archery Systems In this review article I will be showing you an age old method for food procurement that is a reliable means to put food on your table in any disaster or survival situation. Quick Navigation Full Video Test & Review ​SAS Tactical Survival Bow Buy Here: As preppers we are all …

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Essential Knots For Bushcraft Survival And Prepping

Essential KnotsFor Bushcraft Survival And PreppingFirstly some of the terms used before you begin to tie knots: The LoopCinching Up​ The BightThe Toggle The Working End​The Standing End In a hurry:  Skip straight to full video tutorial review here:  Below are some of my favourite knots that I tend to use the most.  These knots can …

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Wolverine Bushcraft Knife by TBS Knives Review From Des Cattys

Bushcraft Knife Review – The ‘Wolverine’ by TBS Knives.Guest Post By: Des, from Des Cattys. If there is any subject that can turn best friends into best enemies it’s the subject of knives.  It’s a crazy subject that every owner of such tools claims to have the best of: To be honest I don’t get drawn …

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Portable Folding Wood Burning Camp Stove Review

BRS 116 camp stove

Portable Folding Camp Stove Review | BRS – 116 In this gear review I am looking at the BRS-116 Potable Folding Camp Stove. This cooking stove has an interesting design and concept for outdoor survival in so much as it incorporates a forced draft air system. Essentially what that means is no more puffing and blowing on …

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Compound vs Recurve Bow, Which One is Best for Survival?

Compound vs Recurve Bow, Which One is Best for Survival? If you’re in a survival situation, or planning to live off the grid, you are probably interested in weapons. Specifically, what weapon should you take with you. Guns are a logical choice, but here in the UK they are not readily at hand for the average …

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Best Air Rifle Scope For UK Preppers

Best Air Rifle Scope For UK Preppers Best Air Rifle Scope Review Admittedly, it’s been awhile since the air rifle has been viewed as a state of the art military weapon, firearm, or even handy for big game hunting. But it’s still a reliable piece for purposes such as competitive target shooting, pest control, recreational “plinkng”, …

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Essential Survival Aids – Cooking Stoves

caveman cooking chicken

ESSENTIAL SURVIVAL AIDSCooking StovesOne of the top 5 survival skills is being able to procure your food and then be able to successfully cook that food. ​Fortunately, nowadays there are many survival aids which will allow you to do just that with relative ease. Modern design, and high quality manufacturing materials, means it is possible to …

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Best Knots For Survival Fishing

All Preppers Need To Know Best Knots For Survival FishingProcuring your food by fishing is the most straightforward, easiest and least time consuming method of obtaining food in a survival situation.Everything about fishing can be simplified and made a very straightforward process. However, one of the most annoying parts of successfully catching fish is when one slips …

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How To Hide Your Infrared Thermal Image or Body Heat Signature

How To Hide Your Infrared Thermal Image or Body Heat Signature For us mere mortals and preppers, there’s no real 100% effective way to hide from an infrared imaging camera – however, there are some pretty effective ways to make life a lot harder for a IR camera operator to spot you down on the …

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