Prepping Home Defence Plan For UK Preppers

Prepping Home Defence Plan For UK Preppers

As a UK Prepper you must have a solid Home Defence Plan

Even the most uneducated person can see the sense in having insurance for an unknown situation. Everyone knows how important it is to try and plan for events that could effect your family and your way of life. This type of thinking is universal.

Taken a step further, we invest in more secure locks for our doors and alarm systems, and even CCTV that's piped direct to our mobile phones and alerts us to and signs of an intruder.

man breaking into a house

These measures are becoming more and more popular in the UK today. They are, in fact, just part of an average home owners insurance against an unwanted break in.

These extra measures will help protect your property and help the police to catch the villains who were hoping to pick up a few laptops or a bit of jewelry.

Most of the time they work fine. In fact, when a would be intruder sees a camera or the door is locked, they move on to a less secure house.

They have little to loose by doing this and are definitely not looking for confrontation.

But what happens when Law & Order Disappear?

That is where the similarity between now and a post disaster situation will  stop. The emphasis on looting shops for TVs and the like will very quickly change as people start to get thirsty and hungry.

Supermarkets and shops will very quickly become empty stores with precious little to offer anyone.

And so it will begin. Any home, including yours will be the next viable target for any looter - quite how long after a disaster this actually starts is anyone's guess. But it will happen.

A home defence plan for us UK preppers:

The importance of a good home defence plan is essential, and by defence plan we mean a way to stop any unwanted interest in your home. If a potential looter can get into your home it's already too late.

Do not give them the chance of breaching your outer defences! 

An English Mans Home Is His Castle.

Never has there been a truer word spoken! You must prepare to defend you home after SHTF.

    man with catapult
    paintball gun firing in feild
    man wit air rifle

    Build An Arsenal Of UK Legal Weapons.

    As soon as the SHTF people will change. They will become desperate and unpredictable and dangerous. The chances of them having actual firearms are quite slim here in the UK. But there is, of course that small chance. Whatever happens you must be able to repel any intruder way before they get into your home.

    So now is the time to build up a stash of Legal Weapons. Weapons you can actually own in the UK without having a Fire Arm Certificate. There are many different types of legal firearms you can own here in the UK, including a shotgun. But all require a FAC.

    Owning weapons that can keep someone at bay are very necessary. It's no good just having a baseball bat tucked up behind the bed. Any weapons you get must be able to keep a potential looter at a distance and discourage them from even considering entering your home. ​

    You are not trying to kill anyone. Just defend your home enough to ensure others keep their distance.

    Also remember, people may well be approaching you to offer help and assistance rather than rob and steal from you, not everyone is a bad guy. But desperate times will make even the most calm and passive person a potential raving maniac.

    Keeping vigilant and aware of everyone near your home is a high priority - as mean as it may sound at the moment, you have built up your supplies and equipment and skills over the years, do you really want them taken from you in a matter of minutes?

    I certainly do not. And I have no intention of letting it happen to me.

    Imagine the scenario.

    You are at home with your family and you spot someone loitering around outside.

    Worse still, they are 'tooled up', ready and prepared to break into your home.

    If all you can do is sit back and wait for them to force their way in, your stuffed!

    We cannot blast the crap out of them like our American friends, but with the limited fire power we can legally own here in the UK, there is a far better chance of making them think twice and moving on to a new area, where there are far less prepared people to rob.

    Don't let it happen to you - get yourself prepared.
    as a UK Prepper you must have a solid home defence plan.

    You have a perfectly legal right to buy and own these weapons. The laws says you can - simple as that.
    You are doing nothing wrong by owning these 'weapons'.
    But don't get caught out - ensure you know all the legalities about carrying and using them first.

    Happy Prepping Folks.


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      • Fred on January 2, 2017 at 4:24 pm
      • Reply

      Assuming that you have a gang of thugs intending to get into your house what are the options for something that is multi shot? How viable is a paint ball gun with hard paint balls or is there a better alternative?

        • Jules on March 2, 2017 at 4:03 pm
        • Reply

        Airsoft with metal BB’s probably.

      • Mutz on July 15, 2016 at 7:02 pm
      • Reply

      Crossbows and bows are legal to own in the uk, although illegal to hunt with worth having in case of shft. and a lot more formidable that an air rifle.

      • Norman on December 1, 2015 at 7:45 pm
      • Reply

      this is a weak point on upvc doors that most people dont know about—but the bad guys do

      worth and article in itself on here I’d say

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